So what’s this blog all about?

Hi everyone!

So I’ve decided on my topic for the semester and it’s going to be About Me. I plan to cover a different chapter in my life for each of the four projects I will be doing. I plan to collect video and audio material from old home movies and photos from scrapbooks. I also plan to record my own material for some parts of the project. I plan on doing a logo of a candy heart similar to the one tattooed on my neck with an S inside in a typewriter font to represent my first name. For my final video project, I plan to record audio about what I have learned about myself since starting my blog and projects as well as offering advice to others, I then plan to put it over clips possibly of me doing the things I enjoyed when I was younger or things that make me happy.

I’ve been looking at other blogs to draw inspiration for my new site, here are some I really enjoyed:


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